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Personalized service of audioprothesist and audiologyPersonalized service of audioprothesist and audiology

History and Mission

Company History

The clinic was established in 1952 by Mr. Elwood Mark. Being a hearing impaired person himself, he wanted to help others to hear. His son, Ian Mark, joined him later in his practice.

In 1987, Céline Lachance finished her hearing care professional course and found with Mr. Mark the same passion and desire to help that she always had. She therefore joined Mr. Mark's team and continued to serve people with devotion and generosity. Her mission is to improve the quality of life of all the people around us.

Our Mission

Improve the quality of life of all the people around us.

Our Vision

A leader in Canada, Mark & Lachance is recognized by professionnals in the field of hearing and its customers for the quality of hearing solutions offered, as well as its personnalized support.

Our Values

Our philosophy is to build a relationship of trust and a lasting bond through listening, respect and empathy.


Company values are those that members apply or aim to apply to the decisions they make and the actions they undertake in the course of their work, in order to fulfill the company's mission. They are therefore benchmarks that allow members of the organization to assess what is considered acceptable and unacceptable in the performance of their duties.


At Mark & Lachance, our actions are carried out with total sincerity. Moreover, each staff member is encouraged to infuse their relationships and ways of doing things with their image and personality.


Mark & Lachance's team is committed to involving itself by putting its ideas and skills to work to achieve the mission. Within the team, mutual commitment translates into the support and collaboration of all members.

Customer focus

Through active listening and a patient-centric approach, Mark & Lachance is proud to offer a respectful and customized service that takes each patient's values and needs into account.


At Mark & Lachance, respecting people is a priority. We believe in the individual and the development of human resources.


In a warm atmosphere, the Mark & Lachance team is committed to providing distinguished service, by offering the best hearing solutions that meet the needs and capabilities of its customers.


At Mark & Lachance, we are committed to doing the right thing, the best way possible, honestly, all the time.

Each member of our team interacts with patients as if they were their grandparents, parents, or friends.

Our Team