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Signs of Adult Hearing Loss

If you answer "yes" or "sometimes" to several of these questions, you should consult a professionnal.

Yes Sometimes No
Do you have to ask people to repeat what they are saying in a quiet conversation?
Does your family complain that the TV's volume is too loud?
When you're on the phone, do you have trouble understanding?
Do you have trouble understanding on your cell phone?
When you're in a group, around a table, do you have trouble following the conversation?
At a meeting, do you need to make an extra effort to understand everything?
When you're at the restaurant (or any other noisy place), do you understand everything?
Do you have trouble understanding the information at a conference or in a place of worship?
Do you hear music well when you listen to it at home or attend a concert?
Do you have trouble understanding conversations when in a car?
Are you under the impression that people are speaking in a weaker voice than before?
Do you have trouble hearing the phone ringing or the front door bell?
Do you have trouble locating the source of the sounds (for example, a telephone ringing or an alarm clock going off)?