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We suggest you contact the General Hospital for Children, at (514) 412‑4400.

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Signs of Child Hearing Loss

If you answer "yes" or "sometimes" to several of these questions, you should consult a professionnal.

Yes Sometimes No
The infant lacks reaction to noise and voices?
Sleep that is too calm?
A progressive loss of babbling after 6 months: Up to 6 months of age, a baby normally babbles simply due to the movement of the phonator organs, but deprived of the pleasure of hearing, the child gradually stops babbling?
Late first words (after 17 months)?
Uncontrolled voice bursts?
A 1-year-old child who does not answer his name or calls, who is inattentive to anything that is not in their field of vision?
Some articulation disorders after 4 years old : small phonetic confusion between silent consonants (p, f, t) and sounding consonants (b, v, d)?
Some behavioural disorders: anger, aggression, search for affection, isolationist behaviour noticed by the parents, the teacher or the social worker?
School learning deficiency (difficulties in dictation, reading, writing...)?
The child is “unattentive”?