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Personalized service of audioprothesist and audiologyPersonalized service of audioprothesist and audiology

Your First Visit with the Hearing Care Professional


During your very first appointment with your hearing care professional:

  • We will explain your audiogram;
  • We will discuss the different hearing aids available and will choose together the best product for you, according to your hearing and your needs;
  • We will take the impressions of your ears with a foam specially designed for this purpose. These impressions will be used to order devices that are customized for you;
  • A second appointment, a few weeks later, will be reserved so that you can take possession of your custom hearing aids. We will then make the necessary adjustments on your devices and we will explain its operation and maintenance, to give you a great experience with your new amplification;
  • You will need approximately 1 hour for each of these two (2) appointments;
  • For your first experience, it is preferable and recommended to be accompanied during your appointments to support you through the process.

Note : all Mark & Lachance patients benefit from an adjustment period of one month, starting on the day they take possession of their hearing aids.