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Personalized service of audioprothesist and audiologyPersonalized service of audioprothesist and audiology

Accessories That Optimize the Hearing Experience

All these accessories are accompanied by coaching, such as a lesson and technical assistance by appointment.

Remote control for hearing aids

Remote Control

Promotes discretion, facilitates manipulation and allows you to adjust the sound to maximize listening in certain situations.

Bluetooth for hearing aids


Hands-free cell phone system that allows you to hear phone calls directly in the hearing aids.

Music for hearing aids


Ability to connect a music player with or without remote control to hear music in the hearing aids.

Television for hearing aids


Allows hearing the television directly in the hearing aids.

Telephone for hearing aids


Allows you to hear the landline phone directly in the hearing aids.

Microphone for hearing aids


Ability to hear a speaker's voice directly in your hearing aids, even in difficult situations.

Can be convenient in a car or in noisy places, like restaurants.

Rechargeable base for hearing aids

Charging Base

Some hearing aid models are rechargeable. You won’t have to replace the batteries.