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Personalized service of audioprothesist and audiologyPersonalized service of audioprothesist and audiology

Batteries and Accessories

Hearing aid batteries


10-type batteries are only offered in packs of 4;

312 and 13-type batteries are available in packs of 4 or 8;

675-type batteries are available in 4 and 6 units;

Some manufacturers also offer rechargeable batteries;

Contact us to know what the various promotions are.

Battery tester for hearing aids

Battery Tester

Allows you to check the batteries’ charge.

Dehumidifier for hearing aids


Removes excess moisture from in-ear and contour hearing aids;

Avoids many adverse effects of humidity such as intermittent operation, corrosion and non-operation of hearing aids.

Pear dehydration for hearing aids

Drying Bag

Used to dry moisture inside the ear tip tubes.

Cleaning Spray for hearing aids

Cleaning Spray

Daily cleaner and disinfectant for hearing aids.

Anti-itching Cream for hearing aids

Anti-itch Cream

Reduces itching, relieves irritation and inflammation in the external ear canals.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

Allows dislodging excess cerumen and other residues at the earpiece’s exit;

Prevent earwax and other residues from damaging the earpiece.

Insertion gel for hearing aids

Insertion Gel

Facilitates the insertion of the hearing aids in the ears.

Personal amplifier for hearing aids

Possibility of Renting or Buying a Personal Amplifier

This system amplifies the closest sounds;

Can help out a person who cannot come and pick up hearing aids or in case of breakage;

Not specifically adjusted for hearing loss, but has a volume control to adjust intensity.

* Rental available (contact customer service)